Welcome to Agape Yoga & Fitness

Welcome to Agape Yoga & Fitness

The best place to train Yoga in Natomas Sacramento

We are open for in-studio classes.

We follow all CDC guidelines & protocols.

Schedule your class here. 

Are you looking for invigorating Power Yoga Classes in Natomas Sacramento? Do you want to be in a community full of joy, happiness and kindness? Agape is the #1 Power Yoga Studio in Natomas Sacramento. We are family owned so you have a none-corporate experience that you can enjoy. Our classes are for beginners and advanced practitioners. We teach Yoga, Power Yoga, Body Sculpting, and Yoga Pilates Fusion.

Inhale, unroll your mat... exhale, let's flow.

Our classes are at Tokon Martial Arts Natomas Sacramento 1920 Terracina Dr #200 Sacramento CA 95834

Power Yoga
Pilates Fusion

Yoga Classes in Natomas Sacramento

60min Class

A vigorous vinyasa practice that builds internal heat, increases stamina, strength and flexibility by synchronizing breath to movement as you powerfully flow through various sequences of postures.  This class combines Vinyasa Flow sequences with pilates concepts. Through these body strengthening exercises, you receive the benefits of toning lean body muscles and increasing your flexibility. Bring a towel and water.  You will surely break a sweat! 


Yoga Classes in Natomas Sacramento

60min Class

This is a fun Yoga flow to Christian beats.  Enjoy a Christian base class environment. Feel rejuvenated with breath to movement sequences as you listen to contemporary Christian music.  


Yoga Classes in Natomas Sacramento

60min Class

Agape Yoga and Fitness Sculpting Classes are a combination of Vinyasa Flow, Pilates and Free Weights.  This is a well rounded class beginning with a Flow  warm up, free weights for sculpting and building strength, Pilates to increase core strength and flexibility.  It is a fun and energizing integration of mind and body focus.

Yoga Pilates Posture Clinic

Yoga Classes in Natomas Sacramento

40min Class

This is a low impact class that uses body strength exercises for longer leaner muscles. Together we will break down Yoga postures emphasizing proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance, boosting joint mobility & flexibility. 

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The Benefits

  • Increase strength, balance & flexibility
  • Increase energy & vitality
  • Weight loss
  • Cross-train for other athletic pursuits
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Increase Sense of Calm
  • Gain a stronger Sense of Self
  • Improve mental Focus

Agape Yoga & Fitness is the best Yoga gym near you in Natomas / Sacramento. You will get great results through our Power Yoga Classes,  Yoga Sculpt Classes (sculpt sweat), Yoga - Pilates Fusion and Power Vinyasa flow.

Contact us to schedule your class
or call us at (916) 835-7717 (Tokon Martial Arts)

Come and visit us at our new location:

Agape Yoga & Fitness

1920 Terracina Dr #200 Sacramento CA 95834

(located within the same building as Tokon Martial Arts)

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